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Please take your time and read all the information plus the insurance rules!


Order conditions

1 Valuables

A. If you have stock or merchandise that costs more
    2000 euros contact us separately.
B. The transportation service does not include piano, other large instruments or

2 Customer Responsibilities Prior to Moving

A. The customer must complete the removal order form carefully.

B. The customer must pack the goods to be changed carefully
   before the start of the move and large furniture must be dismantled
   The packaging must be refurbished to prevent it
   scratches such as the dining table and
   On the dining table surface.
3 Cancellation information

A. If the customer cancels the order before 48 hours
   no fee will be charged.

B. If the customer cancels the order within 48 hours of the start time
   inside, he has to pay 30% of the cost.

C. If the customer cancels the order 12 hours from the start time
    inside, he has to pay 50% of the cost.

4 During the move
   The customer must be present at the start of the move and
   available throughout the move.

5 Information on moving insurance

A. The insurance does not cover, for example, plants, cash,
    negotiable instruments, stamps, shares,
    documents, jewelry, coins, gems, pearls, precious metals
    which have not been minted into coins or other similar valuables

B. Loss of or damage due to alteration
     the nature or defective condition of the furniture, eg
     peeling off, cracking of the surface or
     dimming, damage to the upholstery
     due to the brittleness of the material, the absorption of odors,
     the goods' own defects, threads
     decomposition or leakage.

                                        Thanks for reading!

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